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Laptop Problems/acer laptop wont turn on

My acer aspire 5630 laptop cut out when i was using it and now wont turn back on. Before it cut out it got really hot. Now when i press the on button it lights up green and the green light next to the power light at the front of the laptop also lights up. the three lights next to the power button (one with a lock, one with a lock with an A on it) do not however light up, as they usually do when i turn the laptop on.
the laptop starts off making a humming noise, as though it is going to turn on then just stops, the power light, the green bulb light at the front and the dvd light remain on however but the screen is completely black.
i have tried turning the laptop on with the power lead and without. it registers the power lead because the battery light comes on. i have tried taking the battery out and leaving it for a few hours.
do you have any idea what the problem may be? Thanks
Heat is death to electronic components.

Sounds like initially you were triggering the CPU temp protective circuit, but that would allow you to restart once it cools down.

It is quite possible that your CPU got fried. Or it may be the thermostat is full of dirt.

If you have a vacuum cleaner. Try to pull the dirt out and try. You use compressed air cans to do the same as well.

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